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Who are we
Our Story

Jur's ambition is to help consumers solve the abandoned shopping cart dilemma when browsing for apparel online.  

Our Vision

The future of Jur is limitless in its potential. It will completely reinvent the way individuals approach online retail.


My name is Nyomi Thomas!

I am the Founder and CEO of Jur. I started this company in the fall of 2021 to address the perpetual unsolved problems I experienced as an avid ecommerce shopper. My experiences led me to imagine ways to simplify the clothing shopping process and make buying easier. As a business student, I also looked at these experiences as ways to reduce shopping cart abandonment and optimize retailers' revenue potential.
I grew up in Dallas, Texas and currently am a junior studying Applied Economics and Management with a finance concentration at Cornell University. I founded an entrepreneurship organization that focuses on social and environmental impact and will be working in Investment Banking.  In my free time, I have been a competitive golfer and a social justice advocate.

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Terry Thomas- Global Chief Customer Officer, Unilever

“Jur is the future of consumer retail... I am very excited about its development"

Jur is currently finalizing and expanding its team of software developers. 

The new MVP will begin development in November and is projected to launch in Spring 2023.

This fall, Jur was accepted into Cornell's eLab accelerator program and is interested in conversing with angel and pre-seed investors.

We are also looking to talk to online retailers and experts in the eCommerce industry. 

More information is coming soon.
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